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board room

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Watching Sarah Lacy’s Interview With Dick Costolo. It’s long (approx 2 hours) but provides a very interesting account of Dick Costolo’s view of the world as CEO of Twitter.

One of the most interesting early take aways relates to Dick’s management style and, in particular, the importance he places on keeping meetings focused and clear above all else; see also similar comments by Fred Wilson.

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The Rise of the Sensor Web

We’ve all heard the stories about how much data there is out there (lots and lots) and how much new data is being created (lots and lots and lots). Various accounts highlight how we are creating more information each year or so than has been previously been created in the entirety of human civilisation.

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What’s driving this? Well it started with the Internet but now the world of the Internet is leaking out of our desktops and laptops and into the physical world in which we live.

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Gestures, Filters, and Scripts for Efficient iOS Email Processing with Gmail and Mailbox

I recently wrote about how I handle email, a lot of email. In summary:

  1. Schedule email processing; I mainly process my email at the start and the end of every day but I do dip in and out during the day.
  2. Process each email only once; read it then either archive, answer, or action it.
  3. Archive emails that don’t require further action; answer those that can be responded to immediately; action those that require further attention or follow-up.

This keeps me sane and productive.

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